Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mechanics of the Derivatives Markets

This supplement to the April 2011 OMR is designed as a reference document for member governments and subscribers. It forms part of an ongoing work programme examining the mechanics of oil price formation and the interactions between the physical and paper markets. Further research will be forthcoming in the OMR, the MTOGM and in the form of stand‐alone papers in months to come. The work programme is being supported by contributions from member governments, most notably those from Japan and Germany. We are grateful for that support. Further impetus for this work comes from the joint work programme the IEA is undertaking alongside the IEF and OPEC secretariats, as requested by IEF, G8 and G20 Ministers.  

The work is overseen by David Fyfe, and the supplement’s main author is Bahattin Buyuksahin, to whom all enquiries should be addressed.

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